Unique Wedding Ideas Leicestershire

Unique Wedding Ideas Leicestershire, handfasting ceremonies Leicestershire

If you are looking for unusual ideas to include at your wedding ceremony, here are a few to help get your creative juices flowing. We offer unique wedding ideas in leicestershire, such as  handfasting, bespoke vows, candle ceremonies etc.

Now you can hold your own unique handfasting ceremony leicestershire. Little rituals can be added to your ceremony making them bespoke and special to you. Most of them symbolise closeness in marriage, becoming one family unit or wishing you good luck for your future life. Handfasting is a very popular option for wedding ceremonies, but here area few more ideas for you to consider.

I can provide more information during our initial meeting and include some of these rituals in your ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremony Leicestershire

handfasting ceremony leicestershire
handfasting ceremony

The term ‘ Tying the Knot’ comes from the Celtic tradition of Handfasting. It recently has been re-introduced into modern society to fit the ethos of a committal to a relationship between two people.

It is a simple and traditional ceremony used in a lot of Celtic weddings and involves the tying together of hands with ribbons or cords to symbolise the coming togethandfasting ribbons for handfasting ceremonies leicestershireher of a couple to make a binding contract.
The celebration of Handfasting brings out the realities of a shared love and life. A Handfasting ceremony can include Neo-Pagan elements of wind, fire, earth and water and be personalised for the couple as a stand-alone celebration. However, you can also incorporate this aspect into a wedding or civil partnership ceremony to celebrate your union.

Other Unique Wedding Ideas Leicestershire

Jumping the Broom

unique wedding ideas leicestershire - jumping the broom

“Jumping the Broom” is a symbol of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new or a symbol of new beginnings.

 The bride and groom, signify their entrance into a new life by symbolically “sweeping away” their former single lives. They then jump over the broom to enter upon a new adventure as a married couple.

 Ring Warming/Blessing Ceremony

Unique wedding ideas leicestershire -ring blessing

Rings can be passed around the room on a ring cushion or in a bag. Everyone holds the rings for a few seconds and says a little blessing/prayer.

Then by the time you say your vows the rings have made their way all the way around the room and all your loved ones have given them their blessing.
An alternative is to have them displayed at the ceremony entrance, and have people bestow their blessings before they sit down.

 During their ceremony the Bride and the Groom will exchange rings which are the visible signs of their commitment to one another. The Warming of the Rings starts by the celebrant asking the families and guests to take part in this spiritual ritual.wedding rings as part of the ceremony

This can begin by the ring bearer passing the rings to the Mother of the Bride then the rings work their way back to the Mother of the Groom. Each person at the ceremony is given the opportunity to “warm” the rings by holding them for a moment, warming them with their love and wishing them health, happiness, and a good life before passing them on to the next person. When the rings are then exchanged by the Bride and Groom they have been warmed and blessed with your love, hope and your pledge of support for their marriage.

 Rose Ceremony

Unique wedding ideas leicestershire uniting families at your wedding ceremonyA simple unity ceremony where the couple exchange roses as their first gifts to one another. Other variations: the Bride and Groom may present a rose to each of their mothers early in the ceremony as a gesture of love and gratitude.

Celtic Love Cup – Wine Ceremony

unique wedding ideas leicestershire

The couple each take a carafe of wine and pour some into a single glass which they both drink from.

 The Unity Cup ritual symbolizes the union that exists between a man and a woman entering into marriage. This is a tradition where the bride and groom both drink from their individual glasses. They then pour the remainder of their wine into the Unity Cup. The cup of wine is symbolic of the cup of life. As the Bride and Groom share this wine, they promise to share all that the future will bring. They drink three times from the same cup. The first is a drink to friendship. The second to commitment of love and the third represents the unity of spirit. The sweetness of the wine is symbolic of happiness, joy, hope, peace, love and delight. Whilst the bitterness is symbolic of disappointment, sorrow, grief, despair, and life’s trials and tribulations. These properties together represent the couple’s lifelong journey and all its encounters.

 Unity Candle

wedding ideas leicestershire, candle ceremony

This ceremony can be performed in many different ways. One of the most popular is when the bride’s parents light one candle, followed by the groom’s parents lighting another. Together, the bride and groom using these two candles light a third larger candle. This symbolises the joining of two lives into one creating a new family. This ritual represents the union of two families. A new love that burns as brightly as one flame signifying one family.

On each wedding anniversary this candle can be relit to commemorate your ceremony and honour your continuing commitment of the love you share.

  Sand Ceremony

sand ceremony

The blending of two different coloured sands into a single vessel represents a symbolic blending of two different people, into a single, inseparable unit that is their marriage. 

As impossible as it is to separate out those grains of sand, that’s how difficult it is to separate these two people.

 Celtic Oathing Stone

celtic stone part of your ceremony

In the modern version of this ritual, the celebrant is presented with the stone by a member of the wedding party. This can be the Best Man, The Chief Bridesmaid, or a parent of the Bride or Groom. The celebrant will hold the stone and invite the groom to lay his hands onto the stone, and give consent to in the presence of all of his ancestors both living and dead to bear witness to the words of power that he will speak. The words of his personal commitment to the woman he loves by the vows he brings forward.

The same invitation is made to the Bride. Once both are holding the stone, they each recite their vows to one another. Once complete, the stone is placed in a place of honour for the remainder of the ceremony. After the ceremony is complete, the newly married company release the stone back to the elements however most appropriate. Some people may toss it into the sea or the lake or river. Others may lay it upon a mountain. Others may wish to keep the stone putting it in their garden or in a prominent location within their home.

As a couple you hold or put your hands on a stone during your vows to ‘set them in stone.’

    Time Capsule – Special Wish Box

time capsule love boxTime Capsules or memoy boxes are a fun way of sealing in and saving memories, especially poignant in a Naming ceremony. You can ask all your guests to write a special note to you or your child. This can then be opened when they come of age or on a special anniversary.

A Wishing Box Ceremony creates a wonderful keepsake for after the wedding.  All guests, family and friends write personal wishes and messages to the Bride and Groom on their wedding day. Each person places their message in the commemorative wishing box. This is then taken by the Bride and Groom to their home. Store the box then open it later. It can commemorate a special occasion like an anniversary, special birthday or birth of a child.

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