Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies in Leicestershire/ Midlands an alterative to christenings

Naming Ceremonies In Leicestershire

If you don’t go to church and don’t have a relgious belief, naming ceremonies can be a real an alterative to traditional christenings.
Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with family and friends.

  You can hold a celebration for any of your children no matter what their age. They are very popular for welcoming adopted or step children into the family or the blending of two new families. If you are not religious why not hold a naming ceremony in leicestershire, it a good alternative to a christening or other religious ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies, an alternative to traditional christenings

An alternative to a Christening, a Naming Ceremony acknowledges and introduces your child’s chosen name. Having your special Naming Ceremony is your opportunity to celebrate family. You will be able to declare in front of your friends and family how committed you are to being the very best parents that you can be.

Now you can also ask that your friends and family who are present on the day pledge their support in helping you to fulfil this enormous responsibility. You can encourage them to assist you in any times of need. Similarly, it offers any specially nominated adults the chance to pledge their support to help guide and nurture your child from infancy to independent adulthood.

Hold your naming ceremony where you want

Holding your naming ceremonies in Leicestershire, Northants or across the Midlands. You can hold your naming ceremony at a venue or location of your own choice. It can be as short or as long as you wish, so its your choice too! You can use your own special words to express your hopes, dreams and promises for your child`s future.

You may wish to include music, readings and poems within the ceremony. With these ceremonies, there is no legal aspect to follow.  When you create your unique ceremony you can select any venue that is special to you.

You won’t be tied to set words for your ceremony either, we can tailor it to you. There are many ways of adding to the celebration. These include planting a tree, a memory box, releasing of balloons, sand ceremony, guest book and blowing bubbles.

Children participating in the ceremony can be of any age. The naming ceremony can also include your older children who didn’t have a naming ceremony when they were younger.

Adult Naming Ceremonies are also gaining popularity consequently you can also join in the fun too! Often adopted by people who are choosing a different way of life or simply changing their name.

To discuss your naming ceremony requirements please feel free to call me

All clients are offered:

  • An initial meeting either in person or online to discuss exactly what you would like to have happen at your ceremony
  • A drafted bespoke ceremony script to reflect your family, the child’s personality, special readings, music and anything else you would like to include as content
  • My undivided attention on the day to perform your special ceremony making it memorable.