Here are some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hiring a wedding celebrant in Leicestershire

Often the questions couples ask are much the same so here are some of the mosts frequently asked ones about a hiring wedding celebrants in Leicestershire

Jacqui Tillyard Independent Civil Celebrant Leicestershire UKWhat legal stuff do you need to do?

Please see the Wedding page where this is explained fully. If you wish to be formally married, you will need to arrange a visit to your local registrar to formalise the paperwork. You can do this either on the day of your wedding ceremony first thing or arrange it for a day or two before the wedding. Please don’t exchange rings or vows at this time – this is not part of the legal requirement. You can arrange a legal marriage licence for a relatively low cost (usually around £100).  Frequently couples turn up for this in very casual clothes and without any guests (apart from two witnesses), saving the dressing up for later on their big ceremony day.

Your ceremony guests do not need to know that you are already legally married, or that the ceremony I will conduct contains no legal aspect – all that is just between us.

Please ask me if you need any further information on this aspect of your marriage – I will be happy to help.

Here are more of the common questions I get asked

Q:Are there any restrictions on where or when we hold our ceremony?

A: Not at all – anywhere, at any time – you are restricted only by your imagination!

But you should be mindful of the English weather if planning on holding it out of doors make sure there is some kind of cover for inclement weather.

Also consider you will also have to get permission of land or location owner/manager to use the place for your wedding ceremony

Q: Can we have some religious or spiritual aspect to our ceremony if we wish?

A: Of course – you can mix it up to create an interesting and meaningful ceremony from any cultural or spiritual background so that it truly reflects who you are and what you’re all about.

Q: Will you perform same-sex marriages?

A: Yes, absolutely I operate an all inclusive service.

Q: I’m divorced – Can I still have a ceremony?

A: Yes you can. Often with second marriages there are children from one or both sides – this is a lovely opportunity to bring everyone together in celebration.

There are probably many more questions you could ask me – please contact me to arrange that initial meeting and we can talk things through together over a cuppa! I am flexible in my approach, and am here to help you customise your ceremony until you’re completely happy with it.

Q: I’m shy – do I have to talk?

A: If you prefer, you can just say “I do.” Or even just nod your head! I want you to be very happy and feel comfortable. Even those who aren’t shy usually prefer to read their vows or to repeat them after the celebrant. 

Q: How long before the Wedding Ceremony should we book your services?

A. Its recommended that you book your Marriage Celebrant as soon as possible. Even up to 18 months’ in advance is not too soon. Doing it sooner rather than later gives you a chance to speak with and select the best person that feels like the best fit for you. Always choose someone who you feel comfortable with. Whilst its best to contact your potential celebrant early on, it is sometimes possible to work with you even if you contact me at relatively short notice.

Can We Write Our Own Wedding Vows?

Yes of course! This is something I encourage all my couples to do. Your vows should be truly personal and poignant to you both. They are created and said with meaning and sincerity. I will encourage you to personalize your ceremony as much as possible.

Q: What about last minute requests?

A: As long as there is room in the schedule, last minute requests are fine. I work well under pressure 🙂 

More Key FAQs about hiring wedding celebrants in Leicestershire

Q: What do you wear as a Celebrant?

A: I will dress in appropriate attire for your wedding (though fancy dress and crazy themes are not really my style). It depends on your ceremony style and the degree of formality. I can dress formally or more casually. Whatever you prefer. My aim is to blend in with your ceremony, not stand out. It’s your wedding and the focus is on YOU.  

Q: What are your rules around photography?

A: I am very flexible, I do my best to cooperate with wedding coordinators & photographers. Flash photography is fine with me, and if you wish, I’ll liaise with your photographer so they are in a discreet position where they can get the best possible photos or video without ruining the ambiance of the ceremony. (However, keep in mind, no cameras on the altar area as they will be a distraction, and will also wreck the appearance of the wedding photos for everyone else. 

Access to a network of professional photographers

My husband is a photographer and I have quite a network of them around me! We can often suggest potential photographers for you if you need it.

Q: On our Wedding day, what time will you arrive at the location and when do you leave?

A. Normally I will arrive around 45-60 minutes in advance, and then leave once my services are completed. 

Q: What happens if you are suddenly taken ill, or have an accident and can’t make the ceremony?

A: I have access to other professional celebrants who are available to stand in. In the unlikely event of being unable to attend. we will find a suitable replacement for you. Though me not arriving has yet to happen!

Q: How do I book your services? And how do I pay the balance?

A: There are two (2) things you must do to have a guaranteed booking.

  1. Complete the Booking Form (By email, nothing to post)
  2. Pay Your non refundable deposit (currently £150) or pay the full payment using BACS transfer.

I will confirm your booking once I receive your booking form and you have paid your deposit to me.

The outstanding balance needs to be paid at least four weeks in advance of the scheduled wedding. Only gratuities are accepted the day of the wedding.

Q: Can you still conduct a public ceremony for us if we have already privately married?

A: Yes of course, if you’ve already privately married, we can just keep it between us. Your ceremony guests need not be any the wiser.

Q: Why should we choose you to perform our Marriage?

A. There are many excellent Celebrants in the UK so, however, I’ll try to offer some points that differentiate me from other Wedding Celebrants:

  • My focus and attention will be on just one thing – making your Wedding Ceremony special and unique.
  • I am an accredited Celebrant – with a UK government recognised qualification. 
  • Professional Voice Amplification System. If needed, I can provide you with a PA system so everyone can hear your vows (no extra charge)
  • Extensive music knowledge, I can make suitable suggestions if you are struggling to decide
  • Bubbly personality to put some pazzazz into your event, no boring stuff from me, I can add the fun element to your day, just heart and soul focus.
  • Can help you overcome nerves and stress, I have qualifications to help people reduce stress, so if last minute nerves are affecting you I can help you with that too, and enable you to feel totally confident on your big day!
  • My fees are realistic. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. I pride myself in the quality and involvement in your ceremony. Investing in my services will get you your perfect ceremony.
  • I will ensure you and your wedding party are fully briefed and prepared on your special day. I believe my role involves  far more than just conducting the ceremony.
    As soon as I arrive my work starts :-

    – Before the Ceremony begins, I make sure your Musician(s) know all of their cues, and
    – I review the Ceremony with your Photographer so they can get the best shots possible.
    – I make sure the Best Man, Maid of Honour, and anyone else who has a role to play knows what they need to do and when.
    – I’ll answer any last minute questions you have. Basically, I help in any and every way I can.
  • Confident and Calm! Couples like the fact that their ceremony doesn’t feel rushed. We will take our time, I will let you know exactly what to do and say throughout the ceremony.  This enables you to relax and completely enjoy every minute of your Wedding.
  • Peace of Mind. Knowing you have a professional Wedding Celebrant who enjoys what she does, who’s main aim is to make your wedding day meaningful and enjoyable for you is absolutely priceless, its worth its weight in gold. 

When Will You Meet The Bride and Groom on the Day of the Ceremony?

I will expect to meet the bridegroom 35 minutes before the start of the ceremony and with the bride at a convenient to her, following my arrival. I strongly advise that you are BOTH READY 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

What happens next?
After you have booked my services You will:

  • Have unlimited email & telephone support.
  • I will work with you to customise your ceremony until it’s exactly the way you want it.
  • Choose your ideal vows, readings, type of service, music and any other options you have in mind.
  • Have complete access to my extensive resources of ceremony ideas.
  • Receive your finished personalized wedding ceremony script to review.

(It’s not the final draft until you say “It’s perfect… We love it!”)

Note: I receive several calls every year from Brides who booked their wedding with a “cheap” celebrant and ended up scrambling to make other arrangements when the “cheap” celebrant either did not respond to their calls or cancelled without even offering a replacement. Whether or not you hire me as your celebrant, at least hire a professional with a great reputation.

Please note: I can only officially confirm and reserve your chosen dates  once I receive your signed booking form and deposit. It’s vital you do this immediately if you wish to book my services.

Jacqui Tillyard Independent Civil Celebrant
Jacqui Tillyard Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

Thank you for considering my services!

I look forward to participating in your special day!