Weddings & Vow Renewals


Anything is possible when you work with the right Celebrant to create, personalise and conduct your bespoke unique ceremony!

Watch  the video below if you are looking for a tailor made wedding celebrant in Leicestershire, Northants, Rutland or Warkwickshire. (or even a little further afield!)

If you are looking for:
  • A dignified yet vibrant bespoke wedding ceremony
  • Something that resonates with your vision of the day
  • A unique uplifting celebration of your love
  • Conducted by a charismatic, confident, classy celebrant…. Lets talk!

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My Kind of Clients

I work with busy, savvy professional couples who want something a little different from the traditional wedding ceremony or vow renewal.
If you are seeking someone to help you create the perfect personalised ceremony that is unique, relaxed and fun, I’m your woman!
Together we can create a professional, elegant, classy sassy day. You will get the services of a confident, professional and wise celebrant who will bring your ceremony to life, engage with you and your audience, involved them in your ceremony if you wish and create the perfect ambiance to share your love story.

Many couples are moving away from the so called “traditional” wedding and instead are choosing a ceremony which reflects who they are as a couple.  When you choose a professional bespoke wedding celebrant in leicestershire to carry out your wedding ceremony it allows you to have your wedding wherever and whenever you choose with no restrictions.  The venue doesn’t require a licence and you can create your own vows, readings, poems, music, style and theme.

Arrange your Personalised Ceremony

As your your special bespoke wedding celebrant based in Leicestershire, offering ceremonies across the Midlands and even further if required.  Together we can work to arrange:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Celebration Ceremony following a wedding abroad
  • Civil Partnerships – Same Sex Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewals
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • EngagementsEach ceremony delivered is bespoke so it is unique to you as a couple. If you wish, you can stick with tradition or even add a spiritual, alternative, themed element including a Handfasting, Jumping the Broom or Sand ceremony (or anything else which is meaningful to you) . My role is to enable you to bring your vision of your version of the ceremony to life.
  • Eventsense

There is literally no limit to this except your own imagination and creativity.

When you hire me as your celebrant it offers you a completely flexibile approach and will enable you celebrate your love by creating a ceremony that is perfect for you.

In the past, there has been limited choice in how your ceremony was run, now with celebrancy there is are new wider options.

Traditional Religious weddings are defintely the correct choice if faith is important to you. They however tend to follow a set format, with little room for personalisation.

Legal Non Religious Ceremonies

You can also have civil ceremonies, conducted by Registrars. These ceremonies have to be performed in either a Registry Office, or in a venue with a Wedding License. Again, these are perfectly fine for those who aren’t religious. Registrar led weddings cannot contain ANY religious or spiritual element however. Both of these options, being legally binding, must adhere to certain stipulations in order to comply with the Marriage Act of 1949. Choosing this option gives you a legal marriage but won’t allow you to tailor words, vows or add unique elements to your ceremony, plus you are just allocated a registrar who may not understand you as a couple.

If you do want another extensive choice here it is!

Why choosing a Cclebrant lead Ceremony is perfect for you

Many couples are not aware that they do have another choice- by choosing a Celebrant to run their event

Often, traditional Church or Registrar led weddings fall short in providing a truly personalised wedding(they can also be very costly!) We can provide you with bespoke celebrations that can have: -Traditional- Modern- Same sex- Informal- Religious- Humanist- Handfasting- Themed.

Celebrant can help you save money on your wedding!

All you need to do to make your ceremony legal is to register your marriage at your local registrars office which is a low cost (currently from £60 in Leicester) legal agreement to ensure you are legally married.
You can do this a few days before your celebrant ceremony and don’t even need to exchange rings, hire a photographer to do this on the day. You are then free to select a venue or location of your choice for your ceremony.

My Promise to you

Jacqui Tillyard Wedding Celebrant

Here is my client promise for all ceremonies performed.

• You have 100% control of the content of the ceremony script.
• Your Ceremony is unique, everything is created, prepared written from your ideas: no-one will have the exact same ceremony as you!
• Total flexibility, I won’t tell you what you can and can’t say or do (unlike some!). Working together we will achieve the best possible ceremony.
• I will be there for your special day, and will maintain a professional manner at all times.
I have exclusive access to trusted professional photographers who can perfectly capture your day should you require them. They can offer you competitive packages and give you peace of mind.

Fun Relaxed and Stress Free!

make your wedding fun and full of laughter

  • My aim is to make your ceremony fun and relaxed. Lets face it. ceremonies can sometimes be perceived as a bit too serious, so we can work together to ensure there is laughter and fun whilst still maintaining high standards of integrity for you as a couple.

Confidential, Quality, Professional Reliability Assured

• When performing a wedding, my diary is clear just for your special day, so that you have my undivided attention.

  • If you are feeling nervous on the run up to your ceremony you can also access my stress management package for all my brides and grooms so we can calm your nerves before the big day!

There is a ‘No hidden extras’ policy- the fees will not change once quoted. Bookings will only proceed once you have confirmed with  a non refundable deposit to secure the date and that you are happy with the fee. I offer 3 packages for clients to opt for, click here for current details.

Your details are also never shared with any other third parties (unless you request they are of course)

How to get started in arranging your ceremony

The first step is to get in touch. Your first meeting with me is free and without obligation. At the meeting I will  discover more about you as a couple and what you would like on your special day.

If you wish to go ahead you complete your booking form, pay your non refundable deposit and together we will then draft a bespoke ceremony in total collaboration with you as a couple.

I will offer support and professional guidance to you from day one. We will run through your ceremony on the day so that you can be prepared and relaxed during your special day.

A commemorative certificate is included which can be signed and presented as part of the ceremony.

For the background facts to making your marriage legal click here

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Renewal of vows

romantic themes for your special dayAs couples reach a milestone wedding anniversary they often think about renewing their vows. It can be to celebrate their relationship, their partnership and everything this has brought them.

You can have a Vow Renewal ceremony which can be designed for any occasion. Where a couple feels it is appropriate to reaffirm their love for one another. A vow renewal ceremony can be based on a traditional wedding but can also include an acknowledgement of your children. You can include readings, poems, re-dedication and giving of rings, special music, speeches, blessings anything you want to include to make the day special to you both.

Reflecting on your years together can help you recall and celebrate moments of joy, laughter and fun.

A Celebration at Home Following Your Marriage Abroad

If you get married abroad you could then celebrate your newly married status with a special ceremony once you return ‘back home’.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to include family and friends who couldn’t attend the formal marriage.


Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies

jacqui tillyard celebrant for same sex weddingsYour wedding is as unique and special as you are. Everything about the day should reflect your own personality and individuality, paying particular attention to the actual Ceremony itself. This is your opportunity to have exactly the type and style of celebratory ceremony that you want.
This f
antastic day is when you both have the opportunity to publicly express your love and devotion for each other. You can  make your personal vows and create special long lasting memories that you will cherish and remember forever.

Work directly with me as your celebrant. Together we can create that perfectly personalised event that will bring lasting memories forever