Pet Ceremonies in Leicestershire

Pet ceremony celebrant in leicestershire – Creating A Fitting Farewell to Your Furry Friend

Pets can have a huge impact on our lives, they are part of our family. Therefore it is understandable that following their loss you may want to provide them with a respectful service or ceremony. I also work as a pet ceremony celebrant in Leicestershire.

As a pet owner myself, I know that they are an essential part of our families. So when your beloved animal sadly passes away, there becomes a great gap in your life.

This could be the first time your children experience loss and mourning, but families are turning this into a very therapeutic process for the next generation; with guidance, arranging the funeral for their beloved companion.

As adults, the loss of a pet is a very significant event in our lives and is something that we prefer to keep from our thoughts. While they are with us, we do our utmost to enhance their quality of life, and a proper life celebration (funeral) can be a fitting next step for you to take on their behalf. As a pet ceremony celebrant I can provide you with a sensitive tasteful life celebration for your  beloved pet.


Holding a pet ceremony and honouring your pet with a dignified ceremony.

A memorial service offers comfort, helps with the grieving process and acknowledges the relationship you had with your pet.

It’s an opportunity for you to provide a personal tribute and remember your special time together.

An Understanding Pet Celebrant

I understand just how harrowing it is to lose your special furry friend, I’ve experienced the heartache it brings a few times now. As a pet ceremony celebrant in leicestershire I can tailor the perfect ceremony for you. Why not call me to discuss how we can pay tribute to your special pets.

We can design a lovely respectful ceremony that honours your special friend, we can celebrate the joy they bought to your life and honour their memory lovingly. For information on costs, click here.

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